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Related post: Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 20:31:30 0100 From: Stephan Raven Subject: The Red Swim-Trunks Affar - Part ThreePART THREEThe entrance hall was big, all grey-and-white marble and antique furniture, with russet rugs scattered around. Surfer Dude led Josh through a set of double-doors at the far end, down a long, oak-panelled corridor, hung with oil paintings.Josh had left his sandals back in the car, and he dug his bare toes deep into the deep-pile carpet, enjoying the sensation. Then they were heading through another set of double doors, into a vast room whose walls seem to consist mostly of floor-to-ceiling windows. Through them, Josh could see a huge garden, a vast expanse of lawn drifting gently down towards a fast-flowing stream, groves of trees ... but most preteen model webrings of his bathing suites preteen attention was focussed on the beautiful scenery of his new buddies' hot bodies . The room seemed to be divided into two sections. In front of preteen bondage fucking the three guys, sun-loungers were laid out across another expanse of marble floor. To their left, there was a large, indoor pool - with lots of laughter and splashing noises coming from it.Uh-oh. For a moment, his nakedness and the prominence of his cock bothered Josh, but then he figured what the hell. Whoever owned this place wasn't likely to be too offended by an erect dick...There were two figures playing around in the pool, he saw now. They were darting around, wrestling and splashing each other, not aware of the new arrivals yet. And they were naked, he realised as an inviting alt nude preteens ass-crack broke the surface of the water for a moment.Sprawled out on a deck preteen fuck models chair next to the pool was a muscular young black guy, maybe twenty-two or twenty-three. He wasn't naked, unfortunately, but he was wearing very, very short shorts, which left his legs exposed, and a loose vest, which allowed the horny kid to feast his eyes on the muscular brown arms. He was watching the swimmers, eating a erotic comic preteen sandwich with one hand while fondling the mound in front of his shorts with the other. Beside him, a tiny table held the remains of a loaf and a jar of some kind.One of the swimmers - another blonde, thought Josh, he'd really struck it lucky today - glanced over at the naked trio. He yelled time out, and there was a sudden unnerving silence for a second.Josh glanced quickly at Surfer Dude and Marlboro Man, but they seemed cool. Cool, dude, he told himself, that's the way to play this. He strolled towards the pool with slightly exaggerated casualness, acutely aware of his swollen cock bobbing in front of him.The black guy looked him over with a grin. His eyes dropped to Josh's cock, staring openly, and then preteens and masturbating rose to meet his gaze, blog preteens model sparkling with mischief and shared lust."Let me guess - he must be the Terrible Twins latest slave-master? Hi, I'm Mike". His voice daisy preteen moodel sent a shiver down Josh's spine. It was deep and resonant, supremely masculine. Completely unfazed by either the boy's nakedness or the prominent lump in the front of his shorts, Mike scrambled up to offer Josh his hand... the hand preteensfree he'd just been using preteen looking the massage the huge bulge in his shorts. Josh shook it eagerly, then lifted it up to his mouth and licked the fingertips."I like his style", the blonde swimmer commented from erotic pics preteen the pool."You're welcome to a taste of it", Josh told him boldly. The blonde exchanged an anticipatory grin with his swimming partner, and they both heaved themselves out of the pool.He was off to a good start, Josh thought to himself - they both had hardons. They looked like they'd be more than willing to help him "discipline" his two slaves. As he looked at the naked, horny gay males who now completely surrounded him, he was having trouble believing his own luck.The new blonde wasn't quite as developed in the upper body as Surfer Dude, but Josh get the impression that was more from a different training regime than through lack of exercise. This was someone who kept in shape by swimming, not working out with weights. The dude's body was lean and tight, and the only trace of fat in it would have preteen adult sites come from preteen girl angels the hamburger he'd had for lunch. The pecs were small and the nipples tiny, but the arms and legs were very muscular, and as for the cock ... It wasn't large - naturist preteen photo only about six inches, and slender - but it was a beautiful piece of work, pink and white and innocent looking. There'd be no pain from taking it, only pure pleasure, and Josh looked from this new guy to surfer dude, his mind overflowing with ideas for white-bread sandwiches full of dark Italian meat.The blonde preteen showing feet swimmer seemed pretty young - late teens or early twenties at the most - and his eyes were the kind of cloudy color which can seem blue or grey, depending on the lighting. Deliberately, he brushed his slender hand across his piss-slit before he legal preteen bbs offered it to Josh, and the boy could feel the slimy precum squelching under his palm as he took it."I'm Billy, and", preteen eroticstories the blonde gestured at the other swimmer, "this is Sean".Sean didn't bother with a handshake. Instead, he pulled Josh into a wet kiss which left them both gasping for air. Between their legs, their swollen dicks clashed like duelling swords. "Nice to meet you", Sean gasped as they prised themselves apart. "I don't often have cyber preteen someone my own age to ... preteen speedo pictures play .. with".And they were the same age, Josh saw - Sean was sixteen at the most. He was the most delicate looking of all the guys there, with dark green eyes russian angels preteenz framed in preteens nn nude a girlishly pretty face. The length of his dark auburn hair, which preteen home movies fell almost to his waist, accentuated his feminine looks. But the muscular arms and legs were very definitely male, as was the solid rod jutting from his red-furred groin. His cock was virtually a mirror image of Josh's own in size and shape, but on his slighter frame, it looked bigger. And unlike Josh, he was uncut. Curious, Josh's fingers porn for preteen teased and played with the soft foreskin, which had almost peeled back uncensored preteen sex from the glowing pink bulb."Hi", he said, wickedly. "I'm Josh, and I love playing. What did you have in mind? Snakes and ladders? Tic tac toe?" He did his preteen naked nubiles best to look innocent. Naked, with preteen kiddie a super preteen nudes raging hard-on, and playing with another guy's cock, the preteenboys naked attempt didn't come off too well.Sean laughed, a low, dangerous sound. "I think you brought some great toys along - if you're willing to share". He gestured towards Surfer Dude and Marlboro Man, who'd been standing to one bikini beach preteen side smirking slightly preteen models binaries as they watched their "Master" get acquainted with the other guys."With you guys, always". sexy preteens topsites Josh smacked his lips, then his gaze happened to brush the table by Mike's chair. That jar he saw earlier was honey - almost full, too, from the looks of it. He picked it up and glanced at Mike. "Mind if I take this?"Mike gave him a nod and a slow grin. He still hadn't pulled his shorts off, but the bulge preteen japanese portals there was even more prominent now. "What did you dorki preteen links have in mind?"Slowly, deliberately, Josh pushed the open jar of honey preteen sample pic onto his cock. The warm, sticky stuff oozed out around the side of his dick, and he ukraine preteen nymphets caught the excess with blog sex preteen his fingers and used it to anoint his nipples. Silently, he pulled the jar off and sweet ass preteens passed it to Mike, the only guy there who was still wearing any clothes. Mike's tongue, startlingly pink against the darkness of his face, caressed his dry lips."Help me?"Josh nodded eagerly. He knelt in front of Mike, careful not to dislodge any of the sticky cargo around his dick, and eased the shorts down.The smell of a guy on heat hit him with incredible force as a straining white jock-strap appeared, contrasting vividly with the black skin. The jock underground server preteen was one of those with just a couple of straps around the back, and Josh turned the dude around so that he could admire that well-muscled ass. models preteen top Straightening up, he touched the top of Mike's crack very lightly with the tip of his dick, letting the smallest dollop of honey dribble down. Then he eased the jock down.The monster that reared out at him looked like an enraged python, thick and long as a baby's arm. The delicious shock of it distracted Josh, and it took his delighted mind a second to register something else. Mike was shaved. Totally. There wasn't magazines preteens scans a preteen tpg nude trace of hair anywhere on his legs or groin. Josh couldn't resist bending over to lick at the exposed skin. Just nymphets underage preteen for good measure, he trailed his tongue up that massive dick, and lapped at the head."Nice crack", Sean whispered into his ear, Josh felt fingers dance around his hole, soft and hot, teasing him. Grinning back at Sean, he straightened up, trapping those probing fingers between his clenched cheeks for a second before Sean could pull them loose . Mike lowered the honey jar onto his dick. More of the stuff squirted out from around the rim, and Billy crouched down to taste it."Careful", Sean warned. "Remember we all want some".Mike laughed and passed Sean the honey pot. Swiftly, the auburn-haired kid peeled away his russia preteen boys foreskin, and dunked.Without any words being said, all the guys were forming themselves into a circle, with Surfer Dude and Marlboro Man in the center. Josh put one hand on each of their shoulders, forcing them to their knees as wet pussy preteen Billy finished smearing the sticky coating over preteen child thumbnails his cute little prick.As Josh looked around, he saw Mike on one side of him, Billy on the other. And Sean was facing him across from the two kneeling slaves, looking down at their assholes with a greedy expression on his face."Go ahead, russain preteen sex bud", Mike leered at Josh "They're your slaves".Trembling with anticipation, Josh pushed Marlboro Man down onto his cock, and dragged Surf Dude up to attend preteen young porno to his tits. The two men's tongues rasped roughly against his sensitive flesh, licking every inch clean. The slurping noises were really pushing his buttons, and there were murmurs of encouragement from all around."Oh yeah ... you really love the feel of that tongue on your hot boy dick, don't you...""Ram it down his throat, man, show him what that juicy meat can do...""Harder! Choke him with it!""You're gonna have bruises around those boytits for sure the way he's sucking, kid..."All shocking preteens photos this horny talk was driving Josh wild, and he groaned out ... "I want your cum all over me ... I want all of you to drench me with it ... spurt all over my hot body..." The first thing that came into his head, but also, he realised as he said it, the truth."You want this hose spurting on you, kid - you naked videos preteen got it", Mike moaned as he watched the action. preteens biz Every guy in the circle was watching Josh writhing under his slaves' attentions, unable to jerk off without amature preteen porno rubbing the honey off their dicks. "Just let those slaves of yours loose on teenies nude preteen me".Josh wrenched Marlboro Man loose from his now-washed prick and shoved him towards Mike. "He's yours", the lad moaned, and gestured for Surf free preteen galeri Dude to attend to Sean. Then he crouched down preteen beastsex beside Marlboro Man, in front of Mike, ready to receive his first helping of cum.Marlboro bare preteen photos Man was an expert. Josh admired the effortless way he took the monster cock all the way down his throat, breathing through his nose, eyes glazed. The boy reached out and sexy preteen horny twisted the hairy stud's nipples sharply, grunting "Harder!" Marlboro Man obeyed eagerly, and in mere moments Mike yelled out "Now!". Marlboro Man jerked his head back sharply.Ohhh, boy ... hose was right. Pressure hose, in fact. Mike convulsed in the kind of magnificent hands-free cum that Kristian Bjorn would kill oriental preteen porn for. Six incredible spurts of thick white cream hit Josh in the hair, face and chest. He resisted the urge to wipe himself off. This was just the first item in his collection.With the cum dripping from him, Josh young preteen skinny looked up to see model com preteen that Surf nasty naked preteens Dude had finished with Billy ppreteen nude and started on Sean. They were both kneeling down, and Surf Dude's ass was in the air, jana preteen models perfectly positioned. "I need to get my dick inside him", Josh rasped at Billy. "And I want you inside me when I do it".Without stopping to puffy preteen titties think about it, Billy scooped up some rubbers and lube from under the table. He and Josh fumbled a bit as they helped each other preteen snuff stories to put them on, mostly because they were more interested in feeling each other up than getting the latex in place, but it didn't take long before they were ready.Sean was whimpering as Surf Dude swallowed him up, his mouth slack and his eyes vacant. But he managed he flash Josh a contorted grin as he saw what his fellow teen was about to do.FUCK! That perfect pink asshole swallowed Josh whole, preteen underwear boy and he vanished into the depths without a hard hairless preteen ripple. He could sense Billy's hot breath in his ear, feel the delicate fingers ease him open, then there was a stab of preteen pass forum pure pleasure as legal preteen love the blonde swimmer's cock sank into him, hitting his prostate in a perfect bulls-eye.Shuddering with pleasure at the double stimulation, Josh gestured for Marlboro Man to come over, and pressed his lips around the other guy's cockhead. Oh God ... a hard-bodied blonde in front of litle preteen nude him, sucking free preteen xxx off another teenage boy as he knelt to receive Josh's cock. Another blonde behind him, ramming both their cocks home in a steady rhythm. A hairy, muscular hunk standing alngel preteen model over him, feeding him dick. preteens nudist camp And a huge load of cum dripping preteen girls galeries down his body. Josh was going totally out of his mind.And he was driving Marlboro Man equally crazy, concentrating his efforts on the cockhead, but occasionally gagging as he tried to take the entire length. Marlboro Man's dick quivered unmistakably, and he gasped "Master!"It was enough. Josh threw back preteenz model nude his head, watching as another spray of semen splashed out, pooling between his nipples and dripping down towards his pubes. He ran his hand over Marlboro Man's cockhead, picking first preteen sex up the residual slime.Sean was next. As he pulled himself free of Surfer Dude's mouth and took Marlboro Man's place, masturbating frantically, Josh got a first-hand view of the no tits preteens way the other boy used his foreskin to stimulate himself, drawing the soft folds over his glans, then pulling them away to leave the knob totally exposed. With an evil smirk, Sean shot Josh right between the eyes, and reached down to smear the candid photos preteen stuff all over Josh's face.The sudden emptiness in free preteens vids his rear clued Josh in to Billy's imminent climax. He twisted his head preteen virgin defloration just in time nasty preteens to see that delicate manhood delivering lls preteen nudes its load into his dark, tousled pictures teen preteen hair.Pulling out, Josh turned Surfer Dude over on his back. The boy jerked desperately at the blonde's swollen very preteen hot meat, receiving a quick reward. Grunting like a beast, Surfer Dude sent his seed surging into Josh's palms and up his arms.Finally, at last, it was Josh's turn. He ripped the latex off and collapsed onto the floor, pulling at his swollen meat as though his life depended on it. The other guys gathered around him, their attention totally focussed on his groin.Looking around, Josh could preteen naturist gallery see beads of cum dripping from their partially deflated dicks. This was youngest preteen jpg the most exhibitionistic thing you've ever done, and the awareness of showing himself off to preteen incest art these guys, anime preteen movies displaying himself for their enjoyment, was delicious. Even following so soon after their massive cums, his body had them in thrall...Something splashed him. Looking up, he saw that Sean has gotton hold of the honey free thai preteens pot, and was splashing dollops of the stuff onto him as he accelerated towards the finish. preteens angels rape The others were dipping their fingers into the pot preteen nude viewtopic too, splattering his body as he... Reached ... The ... FINISHHHHHH ...The world exploded. Everything girl pics preteen dissolved into swirling grey light. His body convulsed as though he'd just received a massive electric shock. He heard a hoarse, animalistic shriek and realised it was coming from his own lips. preteen life And the surging from his dick, the incredible pumping pressure as his seed geysered into the air and splashed down onto his face and body, was more intense than he'd ever experienced. Sobbing, gasping, he collapsed back against the cold marble floor, too weak xxx preteen swedish to move.Growling like wolves, the other guys descended on him, lapping at the sticky mess of cum and honey which covered him. He just relaxed, relishing the sensation of warm, male bodies against his as he came down from his sexual high.Sean reached over and gave him a long, wet kiss."We should start lovely preteen nudes hanging out together", he preteen model twin whispered into Josh's preteen dresses ear "I've got some buddies you'd LOVE to meet..."THE preteen boy fucksman END OF THE RED SWIM-TRUNKS AFFAIRJOSH WILL RETURN IN THE BIKER LEATHERS AFFAIR____________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for using the Free Gay-Mail service ( / Sponsored amateur preteen nude by: The Internet UK Gay Guides - - erotic nude preteen The largest collection of UK gay information / entertainment sites
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